Feed readers

2005-12-01 21:16:54 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I have been a user of RSS Bandit for a long time now, but for a couple of days ago I installed Pluck IE to try it out. What they have to offer is a solution to store your feedlist on their server and to access it by using their own feedreaders that are addins to IE and Firefox or their webbased feedreader. This solution sounds very compelling as I can then use IE on my laptop when I work, Firefox at home or their webbased feedreader when I am on the road.

So far I have just tried out the IE feedreader and I have to say that it is pretty good, but it is definitely not up to pair with RSS Bandit. The other thing that I do not like with Pluck's feedlist hosting service is that the feedlist on the server is not updated with which posts I have read. So when I come home from work and sit down at my home computer and want to check which feeds has been updated since the last time I checked while I was at work it will instead show me all unread posts since the last time I checked them at home.

I just found out that RSS Bandit also have the possibility to store the feedlist remotely. So I set it up to store them on my website using ftp. I then uploaded the feedlist to the website from my laptop and then downloaded the latest version of RSS Bandit to my home computer. Now I got a problem. RSS Bandit requires .NET Framework 1.1!!! It will not install if you only have .NET Framework 2.0!! This is really not a huge problem, but on my home computer which I run Windows XP Pro x64 I would like to just have .NET Framework 2.0 installed to keep it "clean", but we'll see how long that will last....

So for now I will continue to use RSS Bandit on my laptop as I think it is one of the best feedreaders so far. And hopefully Dare or Torsten will soon fix the installer so that I can install RSS Bandit on my home computer as well.