.Find removed

2006-03-01 13:44:14 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I decided today to remove .Find from the Tools page as it is crap anyway. I have created a winforms version of that I use myself sometimes. We'll se if I find some time to fix some minor issues in it before it is ready to be published.


Got snow?

2006-03-09 22:52:12 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

Hmm, I'm starting to get a little bit fed up with our first "real" winter in almost 10 years. We've had snow here since christmas now and for the last couple of weeks it's been -10 to -18 degrees Celsuis during the nights. Hopefully this means that we'll get a "real" spring and a great summer!



MSMQ Studio 0.6

2006-03-19 23:00:24 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

Today I finally got version 0.6 of MSMQ Studio out through the door. This release is something that most users have been waiting for and especially the XML message viewer. In this release the XML message viewer is quite basic and is also quite slow when parsing large documents, but this will be fixed in the the next release. I have also made some improvements to memoryhandling when you open a message queue that contains a lot of large messages, but it is still a workaround.

MSMQ Studio


How to get a C# service to restart?

2006-03-24 16:13:08 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I have been trying for a while to figure out how to get a C# service to restart using the recovery settings for the service. It doesn't help if I set the ExitCode to -1 or any other values (I haven't tried them all, but you get the picture?) or if I throw exceptions, it still refuses to restart!

In the OnStart override I start a new thread which will do all processing and if it fails I set the ExitCode to -1, ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR, ERROR_EXCEPTION_IN_SERVICE or ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR and then call the Stop method on ServiceBase.

If you have any suggestions please drop me a mail!


The Devil's Rejects

2006-03-31 16:04:48 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

Yes, I finally got myself the DVD with Rob Zombie's latest movie "The Devil's Rejects"! Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to sit down and enjoy it! If you haven't seen his first movie "The house of 1000 corpses" it's a must to see that one first.

Check it out at