Disaster struck today

2006-09-29 17:12:27 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I have had a lot of problems with my Dell Latitude D600 for a while. On random occacions it just freezes and after several attempts to restart it it finally boots up. I have had this problem since I got it in January last year and Dell has replaced all parts except the harddrive and the dvd-drive, they have replaced the motherboard 3-4 times, and they still don't know what's the problem.

Last week I got a new Dell Latitude D620 (sweet..) which I first installed Vista RC1 on, but due to a VPN-policy to have Proventia Desktop installed and running I had to switch back to XP. That was due to that the crappy Proventia Desktop does not run on Vista yet.

So this monday I copied almost all files to my new notebook and today I was going to copy the rest. I had left my old notebook switched on since monday and today when I tried to use it it had freezed again! But this time this was not the worst part, the worst part is that the harddrive crashed as well!! And the VSS-database where I have the sources for MSMQ Studio is still on it!! I hadn't copied it to my new notebook yet!!

Although I actually found the working copy of the sources on new notebook so I can still continue working on it. But now I need to get a good backup solution/routine. I would prefer some kind of online storage like or CodePlex, but since this is not a open source-project i cannot use them. Is there anyone who has any suggestions??