What's wrong with this picture?

2007-12-11 09:16:52 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

While reading my bunch of daily blogs I found out that Microsoft posted an overview of service pack 3 for Windows XP. Of course this seemed like something that I would like to check out. But then when I got to the download page I was treated with the option to either download the document as an PDF or XPS. I don't have any special preference for any of these formats, but what's interesting is that the XPS is 114 kb larger than the PDF? This triggered me to compare the two documents too see what the XPS offered me over the PDF. As it turns out it is actually nothing more! The two documents contains the same information!

If Microsoft wants me to use their new document format, then why would I use it as it makes documents 34% larger (this is just an estimate)! I would have understood that it was larger if it had contained animations and music, but when the content is the same???