The future of MSMQ Studio

2009-06-05 14:22:50 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

There hasn’t been too many updates of MSMQ Studio for quite a while now and this due to that small children does require a lot of time… During the spring I decided that I will invest more time into MSMQ Studio and I will make it into a product. So I have now started a company for this and I will soon launch a new website for the company and there I will sell MSMQ Studio.

In my vision there will be at least two versions of MSMQ Studio, Free and Pro. The Free version will just have enough features so that it will better than the MSMQ Management Console and an annoyingly short time before you will have to re-install it. The Pro version will include features that will make your life with MSMQ a lot easier!

I cannot tell you so much more about the set of features that will be included in MSMQ Studio as I am currently re-writing the internals of it at the moment.

So if you have any ideas on features that would like in MSMQ Studio then please go to the feedback forum and register that idea!