Typed Collection Wizard

by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

This is a wizard for C# in Visual Studio .NET 2003 which creates custom typed collections. The wizard will generate code for the collection with options to have a an enumerator nested or not and possibility to have custom validation code.

How to invoke the wizard

  1. Create a C# windows or web-project.
  2. Right click the project item in Solution Explorer.
  3. Select Add / Add New Item.
  4. In the Add New Item dialog select Typed Collection from:
    1. The Local/Web Project items catalog.
    2. The Local/Web Project items / Code catalog.
  5. Enter a filename for the collection.
  6. Click OK.


Version history

What's new in 1.1.0

  • NEW: Create stub for type.

Features in 1.0.0

  • Create strongly typed collection.
  • Select if enumerator should be nested within the collection.
  • Add overridden methods for validation.

Download: TypedCollWizSetup.msi

AssemblyInfo Updater

by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

When using continous integration tool to do automatic builds there is usually a need to update the AssmeblyInfo.cs file with a new version number. This can be achieved by using AssemblyInfo Updater (AIU) as it can update the following attributes in a file:

  • AssemblyCompany
  • AssemblyConfiguration
  • AssemblyCopyright
  • AssemblyDescription
  • AssemblyFileVersion
  • AssemblyInformationalVersion
  • AssemblyProduct
  • AssemblyTitle
  • AssemblyTrademark
  • AssemblyVersion

AIU will even update write-protected files.